Japan Day 2 (evening): Tokyo: HARAJUKU

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March 8, 2015. Day 2 (evening) of my Japan series. After Mt. Fuji  we headed to Harajuku for an evening stroll. Itinerary the whole evening:
 ✽Harajuku Station
✽Takeshita Dori
 ✽Sweet box crepes
✽Omotesando Hills

5:53 pm.  A blooming sakura tree spotted while we were inside the Mt. Fuji tour bus.

 5:58. We went to our hotel first to freshen up and take some group pictures with the Japanese students.


 take 2

 Lobby at Keio Plaza Hotel

 Hinamatsuri- Doll's day or Girl's day, is a special day in Japan. Celebrated every March 3.

 Photo-op with a Japanese girl! :D

 Staff at Keio Plaza Hotel...I love their uniforms! :D

 6:47 pm. Arrived @ Harajuku station

 TAKESHITA DORI- JR Yamanote line to Harajuku, Takeshita exit. Tokyo's famous fashion subculture bazaar, where aspiring goths and Lolitas come to shop. -Tokyo LP

 A very cute bus we saw while crossing the street.

 a street lined by shops, boutiques, cafes and fast food. haaaaay heaven :D

 Purikura with my husband! We enjoyed the photo editing! haha

Sweet box crepes- The best crepes for me in Harajuku.

 very long crepe and has generous amount of ice cream! yum!

 World Time Colorful Rebellion by Sebastian Masuda

 took this photo because of the name TETE. ~la lang~ =))

 with the Harajuku Girls! <3

 LaForet- A shopping complex in Harajuku

 6:33 pm. From Harajuku----Omotesando----Omotesando Hills

 Spotted a very cute artistic building while walking along Omotesando Hills

 7:56 pm. Finally we saw the Comme Des Garcons shop! haha

 happy shopper! :D

 a cute Japanese #ootd

 Another shot of LaForet

 8:19 pm. Time to go back to our hotel. Harajuku station reminds me of Hachiko movie.

 Purikura again haha

 inside the purikura cubicle

 9:07 pm. back in Shinjuku

 we tried and played the Pachinko first before dinner! haha

 very busy! haha
 my prize!

 9:35 pm. dinner @ Tempura Tendon Tenya

 Nice and crispy hot tempuras! =p~

10:28 pm. Back to our hotel.

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Harajuku lover, 
✽ Karrie


  1. Japan seems like such a crazy place! I'm not sure I could live there but it would be cool to experience.

  2. Japan fascinates me! Your images show that it is so bright and active, is this 24/7? That bus is cute, it's like a squashed London bus!

  3. My parents were in Japan recently and they thought it was a splendid country. And I can judge so according to your pics ;)

  4. Japan never run out of things to offer for its tourists and locals. I love your photos! This is a great post!

  5. For me, Japan looks like a different world, mix of ancient culture and extremely modernity!
    Would love to visit it, definitely on the top 10 of my bucket list!

  6. harajuku is so crazy cool. great pics! i love the style of the girls in tokyo.


  7. I really, really want to go to Japan! I love the colours and craziness of it all. Your photos do a great job of showing how vibrant everything is. I also like your hat! :)

  8. I really, really want to visit Japan! Your photos do a great job of showing how colourful and full of life everything is. I also like your hat!!

  9. How was your stay in Keio Plaza Hotel? Planning my trip next spring!