Japan Airlines Experience

March 6, 2015. Our first time to fly with Japan Airlines. :D  Sharing our first experience with this airline because it's so awesome! haha :D

We have our own monitor and can watch movies and play games, etc.. It has a remote control, too.

Soft pillow and blanket for every seats. No need to wait for flight attendants to distribute our blankets.

Very spacious leg area. The feeling was like "are we in a business class?" :)) :D

Our breakfast: bread, fruits, caramel pudding, and soup stock from Tokyo. :p~

Just watch a Japanese movie the entire flight because JAPAN. :))

I always prefer window seat because "i love clouds" hahaha :p

March 7. 2015. Arrival @ Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

And look airport limousine is waiting for us! :D No need to walk! huhu I'm so in love with you Japan! :D

you got me at Haagen-Dazs dessert. :p~

<3 u Japan,


  1. Ang sosyal lang pati dessert! Magkano naman jan girl? I think I want to fly there too. Not soon though but surely not later din. :P

  2. Nice one, looks a treat!

    I'll always take a window seat if I can as well!

  3. I can't believe you get Hagen Daz! I've never travelled with this airline but it seems okay!

  4. ahahah yessss Hagen Daz for dessert! Thats awesome! looks like an alright airline

  5. The ice cream would have got me happy - enough to make the flight amazing!

  6. The ice cream would have made it a good enough fought already!

  7. I love window-seats while flying. As closest to feeling like a bird as it can get I guess. HA!

  8. Caramel pudding and ice cream - my kind of flight!

  9. Their frequent flyer travel newsletter is pretty good as well. It is full of some really cool things to do In Japan.