Japan 2015: Wardrobe Planning

March 5 & 6, 2015: 2 days of finalizing our Japan wardrobe for 4 days. I love packing more than unpacking haha
We decided to only have 1 check-in luggage and 2 backpacks for the two of us :D So if you're planning to go to Japan this spring season, here are my outfits that I wore in Japan for 4 days. Temperature 5-7 degree celsius. :)
Day 1
March 7, 2014. Arrival at Haneda International Airport, Japan. :D 
Japan Packing List:
1 cupcake leggings from Zalora
1 cupcake cardigan from Zalora
2 Jackets: blue stars and black with ribbon from ukay-ukay (flea) in the Philippines
1 Bart Simpson's polo longsleeves from Nex Mall 
1 ultra light down pink jacket with hoodie from Uniqlo
1 Basic shirt from cotton on
3 innerwear heat tech longsleeves from Uniqlo
2 innerwear heat tech leggings from Uniqlo
 1 longsleeves sweater dress from Uniqlo, Japan
1 pink coat sponsored by my friend
1 Rilakkuma poncho
3 pants from cotton on
2 bonnets
2 scarfs
2 sleepwear, 1 pajama and 1 longsleeves and I also wore socks.
1 swimsuit in case
at Shinujuku Gyoen Park, Japan
Afternoon: I wore my ultra light jacket with my Rilakkuma poncho. :D Pants from Cotton on. Shoes from New Balance.
Day 2: Wore my Minnie mouse sweater dress from Uniqlo and cupcake leggings. My husband already bought my cupcake leggings and cardigan at Zalora when we discovered this site https://www.shopback.sg The site gives you cashbacks when you shop. I'm gonna try it next time and update you guys!! :D
At Mt. Fuji. Wore my bonnet from Helen shop SG and ultra light down jacket again haha
Day 3 @ Ueno Park. Wore my pink coat sponsored by my friend. :D
Day 4 wore my black jacket with ribbon, Randoseru bag (Japanese school bag) a present from my loving Husband <3, ultra light down jacket Uniqlo, and green pants from cotton on.

That's all. I hope you had an ideas what to pack on your way to Japan spring season.

Sakura love,


  1. Oh so great to see you back! So you're still globe trotting, huh? Kaya pala. You're so busy. And I can't blame you if you're off the web for a while because Japan is so beautiful.

    1. born to be lakwatsera haha :D YES Japan is so beautiful!!! :D Thanks, Lux! :*

  2. lovely pictures!