Japan Day 3: Takashimaya Mall and Ueno Park

March 9, 2015. Day 3 of my Japan series. :D After our breakfast at Jurin we headed to
Takashimaya mall and Ueno Park.
Our itinerary for the whole day:
✽ Takashimaya Mall
✽ Ueno Park
✽ Akihabara- separate post
✽ Tokyo Skytree- separate post

My essentials: Curel products (nasa tabi tabi lang sa Japan) :))

my favorite! TOKYU HANDS!!! :D Why favorite? Because it's already complete!
2f- Bags & travel accessories, cycle
3f- health care & beauty
4f- kitchen supplies, bath, toilet, & laundry supplies
5f- interior
6f- DIY tools & materials
7f- variety & hobby craft
8f- stationery

 We only bought 1 item haha! Neo Cleaner for leather goods.

A 14th floor department store located at Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 
We explored the B1 floor because FOODS! haha B1 is area for Japanese & Western Confections, World foods, and Japanese cuisine <3

Then we went to the 6th floor coz my husband said he will buy my dream bag,
 Happy preggo waiting for my Randoseru bag! haha! 4 months preggy here hehehe


Tax refund- Just show your passport, shopping receipts, and purchased items at the counter.

I got a Takashimaya's Hello Kitty shopping card :D Tourist privilege! :D
Any tourist will receive a 5% discount shopper's card from the tax refund counter
at the 2nd floor of the store.

After shopping, we kept our our shopping bags in a coin locker at JR station because we still have daytime activity on that day. Very convenient!  We chose the large size that cost ¥500.

trying this touch screen vending machine

An area rich in nature and dotted with museums and historic structures. It is relaxing area where the old downtown atmosphere still remains.

Ueno park is huge so you need to take a photo of the guide map

fantastic view from Kiyomizu Kannon Temple. We can see from afar the Bentendo octagonal temple.

Kiyomizu is popular among women who wish to have children.

Ueno Park during Cherry Blossom season

Ueno park has huge grounds, which are famous for viewing cherry blossoms.

There's a sudden light shower of rain when we went there.

The beauty of Kiyomizu Kannon Temple. FYI the temple is free!

Taking pictures of Sakura tree: I can't resist haha

Shinobazu Pond covered in lotus plants

My outfit on that day

Lotus Pond

These are EMA- wooden wishing plaques of Japanese shrines

Kanhizakura- dark pink bell shaped flowers blooms as early as february until mid march. I took these shots while we were in Benten-do Memorial or Benten Hall.

Kaneiji Temple

internalizing pose ha! ha!

oh! look! what's that?! =))

coz i love SAKURA FOREVER~

Tunnel of Torii gates leading to Hanazono Inari Jinja. Look there's a creepy Japanese photo bomber behind! LOL

A Buddhist stupa beside an orange tree? or persimmon? :D

Stone lanterns

pathway leading to Toshogu shrine

five-storied pagoda of Kaneiji

Copper Lanterns

Toshogu Shrine

Cleansing area at Ueno Park. How do they do it?

1. First, take the ladle in your right hand and use the water from the ladle to wash your left hand.
2. Next, place the ladle in your left hand and use the water from the ladle to wash your right hand.
3. Place the ladle in your right hand again. Cup your left hand and pour water into it. Rinse your mouth using the water from your left hand.
* Never touch the ladle with your mouth
* Do not drink the water
4. Wash your left hand again. Finally, after washing your hand, tip a ladle full of water so that the water washes over the handle

eternal flame of peace and paper cranes (Senbazuru) in Toshogu shrine- they say if you fold 1,000 origami cranes your wish will be granted by a crane.

a cute gelato and crepe store. but they are closed when we went there.

The entrance to Toshogu Shrine

Tokyo National Museum

Fake Sakura flowers at Starbucks

Japan series 2015:
Japan lover,


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