Canon Photomarathon XIV

November 19, 2016. Me and my friend Kat went to the 2016 Canon Photomarathon event. It was our 1st time to attend and experience the fun and adventure of the photomarathon. Here are some of my photos while thinking, walking/running, and shooting for my WINNING photo. HAHA 

 My entry theme #1: Vision

2nd photo entry: Kyosei

This was my lunch at Wolf Burgers, Pasarbella Suntec INSTANT FAVE BURGER!!!

And the last theme: Space

Twinning photographers 👯

Event Details:
7:00 am- Registration
8:30 am- Competition brief
9:00 am- Theme 1 Announcement
12:00 pm- Deadline for Theme 1 submission, Theme 2 announcement
3:00 pm- Deadline for Theme 2 submission, Theme 3 announcement
6:00 pm- Deadline for Theme 3 submission
6:15 pm- Canon Quiz
6:30 pm- Photography talks
7:00 pm- Grand lucky draw
7:30 pm- Announcement of results & prize presentation

See you again at Canon Photomarathon XV 2017
Karrie ❤️📷


  1. Very cool images. I'll have to look this up! Looks like fun!

  2. So fun! And I love your photos, you have a beautiful eye for things around you.

    Lee Anne

  3. Looks like you had a blast, the photos are amazing!

  4. This photos are so amazing xo

  5. Ang gaganda ng shots. You're talented.