Japanese Maternity Photo Shoot

Japanese Maternity Photo shoot
August 1, 2015. The start of my maternity leave. :D My husband and I went for a photo shoot at the Japanese garden (Jurong East, SG). The theme was (as usual) Japanese! ha ha! :D I brought my Yukata that day which my husband bought last March in Japan. Before that photo shoot, we went to Liang Court shopping mall to look for Geta or Yukata slippers. Too bad the big sizes were out of stock and only small sizes were left. FYI big feet woman here (size 9 or 10) :)) After that we explored the whole shopping mall just for my Yukata slippers (my husband is the sweetest he doesn't want me to feel disapointed hehehe) then finally we saw this Japanese supermarket called Meidi-Ya, they don't have Yukata slippers but we found a Japanese cloth slipper which is nice and I think it blends well with my Yukata. So voila! We bought it as an alternative for a Yukata slipper.

-end of Geta story- :))

All photos are taken by my husband with a little help of tripod. Editing by yours truly. :D

40 weeks pregnant here,


  1. Ang taray ng theme, girl. Winner lang ang location and concept. :)