Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

"To be tired of Tokyo is to be tired of life."- Dr. Johnson of London 
Japan is our number 1 travel bucket list! We are so thankful our dreams came true.
Thank you Sto. Niño.
Tokyo is so awesome that you will have a tough time deciding what to do and where to go lol
So many amazing stuff to do and see because it's an eclectic city where people is so free, weird, cute without a care in the world. :D In short... I wanna live in Japan! :))

Here is a list of my Things to do In Tokyo. Enjoy!

1. Explore conbini! Conbini- convenience store in Japan. We love Lawson because we bought the softest tissue there, Nepia! It's so soft you will want to hoard it all LOL Hello, photobomber Japanese ate! :))

2. Eat Japanese Beef Niki Udon- hot noodle soup topped with chopped scallions

3. Park your umbrella if you're not going to use it. Free umbrella locker for everyone.

4. Explore Shinjuku. Just walk, walk, and walk in a random direction! :))

5. Look down and see the artistic manhole covers. Look it's Sakura!! <3

6. Enjoy the beauty of Cherry Blossoms/ Sakura in Shinjuku Gyoen Park. <3

7. If you're a photographer, LIKE ME (self-proclaimed) LOLOL remember to take a lot of photographs worth printing. :D

 8. Vendo is love.

9. Try their vendo coffee (husband loves it), the weird taste fermented rice drink and sakura rice cracker in springtime.
10. Eat Japanese ramen and gyoza AND WAIT JAPANESE RAMEN IS SO DELICIOUS!!!

11. Visit "Tosho"  or Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices and enjoy the view from the 201m-high observatories for FREE.

12.  Have a "Lost in Translation" moment

13. Buy a Suica card and experience how the locals ride a train.

14. Explore Yamanote line station.

15. Visit Hachiko shrine in Shibuya station. Well, who doesn't love Hachiko movie?! 
16. Shibuya crossing- famous scramble crossing with an awesome sight of neon lights and giant video screens.
17. Eat some crazy soft ice cream available in any conbini store.

18. Experience Japanese cuisine "Washoku" 

19. Group selfies with the Japanese Students!  :D

20.  Wait for the cutest double decker bus on earth!

21. Explore the quirky and fun Harajuku street.


23. Group picture with the Harajuku girls at Harajuku street.

24. Shopping at Omotesando hills. My first PLAY by Comme Des Garcon! :D

25. Play Pachinko!  Enjoyed playing this because of Kamikaze Girls one of my favorite Japanese movie. Here's a link on How To Play Pachinko


27. Eat Tempura tendon!

 28. Visit Tokyu Hands "when you visit, find what you want"

29.  Rent a locker for your shopping bags!

30.  Visit Ueno Park

31. Akihabara! The electronics town of Japan.

32. MAID CAFE!  Eat their cutest bento and it's too cute to consume!

 33. Explore Otaku geek vibe

34. Tokyo Station

35. Japanese Park @ Tokyo Imperial palace

36. Tokyo Skytree <3 Tallest free-standing tower in the world!!! 

37.  Their salmon is the BESTEST!!!

38. Kiss underneath the Sakura trees :*

39.  Yukata- casual version of the kimono. It is a robe usually made of cotton or fabric, wrap around the body and fastened with a sash (ubi).

40. Rainbow bridge! Why Rainbow? Because....

Photo from Wikipedia

41. Tokyo Tower- 333 meters tall. 13 meters taller than Eiffel tower. And serves as television and radio broadcast antenna.

"All you've got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. SO GO!" - Tony Wheeler

I <3 Japan,


  1. Makita ko lang ang cherry blossoms na yan (pwde ba magdala ng preserved?), makapunta lang ako sa Harry Potter world and mkasakay sa bullet train, okay na ko. :)

    Happy for you! And inggit din! :P

    Happy Easter!

    1. pumitas lang ako ng mga 2 petals haha :D Go! Japan is a must in your bucket list! :D Happy Easter too, Lux! :)

  2. Karrie,
    Thank you for sharing, nice photos, peoples and places.

    Will be there in July 2015.
    Best Regards.
    James Woo

    1. I think that would be summertime. :) Thank you, James! :D

  3. Love this glimpse of Japan - it's really made me want to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Japan just looks so wonderfully kitsch and fun and colourful! I can't wait to visit and see all of this, particularly the cherry blossoms.

  5. Ah this is a brilliant read! Great photos too. Japan is somewhere I'm really excited about visiting. I love really old places but Tokyo may be my exception. Some friends of ours recently went and absolutely loved every second.

  6. This city looks mad fun. I love the cherry blossom trees, you're right - magic shots for those who love to snap.

  7. I love your picture in number 7- well done! We really enjoyed Tokyo.