Japan Day 2: Mt. Fuji-Hakone

March 8, 2015Day 2 of our Japan Diary. Our itinerary for the whole day:
9:00 am: @ Keio Plaza Hotel lobby waiting for our tour bus going to Mt. Fuji (120 min)
Fuji Visitor Center  (20 min)
Mt. Fuji 1st station (30 min)
12:00 p.m.: Japanese-style lunch
Lake Ashi Cruise (15 min)
 Mt. Komaganetake Ropeway (50 min)
6:00-7:30 p.m. Going back to Tokyo (100 mins)

Tour price:
 1. Return by Shinkansen-Hakone sightseeing ans Shinkansen bullet train in 1 day.
with lunch: adult- ¥16,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥8,000
w/o lunch: adult-  ¥14,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥7,000
The tour will end upon arrival at Shin-Yokohama station/Shinagawa station/Tokyo station.

2. Return by Motorcoach (Our Choice)- round-trip transportation by motorcoach. Recommended to those who are staying at Shinjuku and Ginza areas.
 with lunch: adult- ¥13,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥6,500
w/o lunch: adult-  ¥11,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥5,500
The tour will end upon arrival at Ginza/Shinjuku.

3. Disband at Odawara Station- recommended to those who are going to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya, or those who have Japan Rail Pass.
 with lunch: adult- ¥13,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥6,500
w/o lunch: adult-  ¥11,000 / child 6-11 yrs- ¥5,500
The tour will end upon arrival at Odawara Station.

 I'm in the mood for drawing :)) so here's THE HISTORY OF MT FUJI

Illustration 1. Komitake Volcano (hudreds of thousands of years ago)
Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Komitake volcano was at the same location where Mt. Fuji now rests. The volcano became bigger gradually through repetitive explosions. Finally, the volcano grew to around 2,400 meters.
Illustration 2. Old Fuji volcano (about a hundred thousand years ago)
Then, around a hundred thousand years ago, the Old Fuji volcano erupted at the South of Komitake volcano.
Illustration 3. New Fuji Volcano (18-15,000 years ago-The present)
In addition, the New Fuji volcano erupted in the early Jomon period. The New Fuji volcano absorbed these two volcanoes, and grew to form one large volcano.
**Prior Komitake volcano
Recent research has discovered another volcano named Sen Komitake, so it is thought that three volcanoes exist under Mt. Fuji.

Our English-speaking tour guide, Hirouki Murofushi. He said that the official climbing season at Mt. Fuji is July 1st - August 26th.
Climbing is restricted to this season only because:
~Most of the rest huts and other climber services are available only during this season.
~The temperature at the top is the warmest all year. (about 40 °F/5 °C)
~Public transportation makes access easier: the Fuji Subaru line gate is open 24 hours and shuttle buses run at frequent intervals. 
    The scenery while traveling from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji. Beautiful!! <3

    The route map going to Mt. Fuji.
    How to go there from TOKYO
    by train:
    Shinjuku Station---JR Chuo Line (1h30min.) [express, 1h]---Otsuki Station---Fujikyuko Line (40 mins.)---Kawaguchiko Station (last stop)
    By Bus:
    Shinjuku station--- Chuo Express Bus (1h45min.)---Kawaguchiko Station
    By Car:
    Shinjuku---Chuo Hisghway(93km, about 1h20min.) Kawaguchiko IC

    Our first stop: Fuji Visitor Center

    We saw snow and we are so HAPPY!!!! hahaha :D

    Mt. Fuji KITKAT!!! And Kitkat WASABI!!!

    Lots of Mt. Fuji souvenirs

    Soft ice cream @ 2nd floor
    Ticket vending machine
    Don't forget to eat beside the ice cream lamp! :D

    After Fuji visitor center we headed to the First Step of Mt. Fuji. Our guide said the route going to 5th station was blocked by snow. But it's okay with us BECAUSE SNOW!!! :D :D :D

    You have to queue before you take a picture here haha

    Our first experience with SNOW so deal with our winter wonderland cheesy photos! <3 :D :))

    Snow ice cream? :))

    so gorgeous!!!!

    lovin this log house

    so picturesque <3 <3 <3

    12:00 p.m. Time for our Japanese-style lunch

    A warm welcome from a Japanese auntie :)

    We sat beside the window because the view is just so beautiful!!! <3

    The toilet at the restaurant has a "toilet doubles as a sink" combo, saves space and water, too! :)

    Lakeside Hotel Restaurant facade

    After lunch, we walked a few steps to see the Kawaguchi Lake

    I can live here! <3

    Back to our tour bus

    tea bushes
    Hakone Mihana Gardens Windmill, you can see Mt. Fuji here, too.

    interesting hotel architecture

    Next, Lake Ashi Cruise, a beautiful and tranquil lake surrounded by mountains. <3

    ahhh sightseeing <3

    another interesting hotel architecture @ lake ashi

    pink chairs in inside the boat cruise

    Welcome to Hakone-en- is in the Hakone region of Kanto.

    We wanna try this soon... with our Kokobear! :D

    Hakone Komagatake ropeway entrance

    Shy type Mt. Fuji haha BUT STILL EXCELLENT VIEW!!! <3

    Amazing view of lake Ashi and surrounding mountains <3

    almost on TOP OF THE WORLD


    *Travel Dance*

    Going down the ropeway and Mt. Fuji is still shy haha
    *insert travel quote here* haha <3 <3 <3

    me: kuhanan mo ulit ako sa vendo, candid ah
    Husband: okay :))

    Japanese cats are fat!!! So fluffy!!! :D

    Bitch plz aym resting
    bitch face mode on

    Hakone-en has pony rides, too! 

    Hakone-en souvenir shop. My husband playing Kendama- a traditional Japanese toy.

    Kokeshi dolls <3 We bought this Sakura kokeshi because SAKURA and it's pink. <3

    My favorite vendo hot drink: Japanese characters milk chocolate hihi

    Toilet there is POWDER PINK!!!! 

    Soft ice cream van

    Thank you, Mt. Fuji, for the FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!! <3

    Love you forever, Japan!

    Japan Day 1: http://www.camerakarrie.com/2015/04/tokyo-japan-day-1.html


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