Koko's Diary Week 5-8

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Moments you want to remember forever <3
 September 7, 2015. Daddy is changing my poopy diaper! ha! ha!

 September 8, 2015. Mama Karriebear copies her Kokobear :D

 September 9, 2015. Again, a good morning smile to everyone! <3

September 10, 2015. It's 8:00 pm and my mom is trying to put me to sleep. 

 September 11, 2015. My mom bought finger puppets and started to mimic the animal sounds.

September 12, 2015. My afternoon nap in my mom's chest is love. <3

September 13, 2015. I started to love side lying position. 

September 14, 2015. Mom started to read fairy tales to me. She said it helps boost brain power and expands the vocabulary.

 September 15, 2015. Morning giggles with Mama Kariebear even if I have a red rash on my right cheek.

 September 16, 2015. SMILE AT ME! I am such a happy baby!!! Good morning smile from me and my mumma.

 September 17, 2015.  It's 7:30-ish time for my bed time routine wash. :D

September 18, 2015. My first time to go outside and eat at Din Tai Fung. Ha! Ha!

 September 19, 2015. After we accompanied mom to her OB/GYN, we had ramen for lunch at Men-Ichi.

 September 20, 2015. Serious talk with mama Karriebear. She said no boyfriend until I graduate college/university.

 September 21, 2015. A loving gaze on my daddy Marvin. <3

September 22, 2015. I laughed and giggled when my mumma change my poopy diaper! ha! ha!

 September 23, 2015. Imitating my mumma's tongue out (beh-lat) =p

 September 24, 2015. Siesta time after feeding.

 September 25, 2015. 12:48 pm. I woke up late just like my mumma! And we just don't care! ha! ha!

September 26, 2015. My 2nd doctor's appointment and my vaccination day.

 September 27, 2015. My #ootd and showing off my right cheek dimple.

 September 28, 2015. weee I am the happiest!!!! ahhhhh MILK!!!! :D

 September 29, 2015. Another post-bath cuteness!!! <3

September 30, 2015. Baby talk with my Mumma! <3 

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