Happy 2nd Month, Kokobear!!! (Rainbow Theme)

October 6, 2015. 2nd month of our happiness, Koko Sakura. <3 2nd month is Rainbow theme. :D

Dear Koko,
Happy 2 months of life, My Kokobear!!! <3 Thank you for making me and daddy the happiest parents in the world. We love you so much!!! <3

Love lots, 
Mama Karriebear and Daddy

Pose number 1: oops there's the camera- Koko

Pose number 2: oooh I can see a black wall clock! -Koko

what a cute little creature!!! <3 <3 <3 

Where is the camera, Mama?!

I love her tutu <3 Gifted by her ninang Jaren.

My Daddy's beard tickles! :)) -Koko

With Daddy while I'm looking at the ceiling light.

ooops my cheeks!

We ordered Domino's pizza for bebe's 2nd month celebration. PIZZALEBRATION!!!!
Cake blowing with Mama Karriebear while bebe is looking at the pizza. ha ha!

This is not your ordinary rainbow cake because it tastes so divine <333

close-up of Koko's rainbow cake.

Koko's 1st Month