Happy 1st Month, Kokobear!!! (Totoro Theme)

September 6, 2015. Happy 1st month to our happiness, Koko Sakura!!! <3 Thank you so much for giving us so much joy and a heart full of love. And I'd like to congratulate my loving husband and myself for our team work. ‪#‎handsOnDaddy‬ ‪#‎handsOnMama‬ There's always a way to make it work. <3

Dear Koko,

Thank you for the giggles and the laughter @ 1st week until 4th week. You always amaze me on what you can learn and do. I love hugging and kissing you every day. Watching you grow each day, learn new things like hold your head up @ 3 weeks old and respond to me when you hear my voice. . I love every minute of you, Kokobear! <3

Love lots,
Mama Karriebear

1st month is Totoro Theme. :D behlat! =p

mama, I'm so sleepy!!!

with Daddy

strawberry shortcake

and this is my grumpy face OOTD haha :D And another one with Daddy ~about to cry face~ haha

full of love,


  1. Ay ang kyoooot!!! At si Totoro pa ang theme! Happy first month, Kokobear!
    Congrats new parents for making it through a month without losing it. :P :) Seriously though, congrats. :)