Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium

So here's the re-unboxing of my iPhone 15 Pro Max in titanium. And check out these awesome first photos I took today, right outside our house. The zooming capability is seriously impressive! Even at 5x optical zoom, you can still see the details so clearly. It's like a dream come true for photographers! 📷They weren't kidding about that. 🍎

By the way, someone asked me why I didn't upgrade to the iPhone 14 last time. Well, my IT husband says the specs are almost the same, which means there aren't any groundbreaking features on the iPhone 14. I always trust his reviews, which is why I'm still rocking my pink iPhone 13. 💖

Anyway, that's my zoom review for now on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.🩶 I'll update again if I'm in the mood to go outside 🤣

This first shot captures the HDB facade with me standing right in front of our door.

This second shot was zoomed in twice as much!

And in the 3rd photo, I used the 5x optical zoom. You can clearly see the hub stairs behind the plant pots.

Here's the re-unboxing video. 🩶