Cambodia 2014: New Jasmine Restaurant & Late Night Frolicking

 Hello I'm back again haha got busy with our recent travel in Indonesia and look I have a domain now :D  
August 10, 2014. Afternoon. Dinner time. We went to New Jasmine Angkor restaurant for our buffet dinner. :D The place is huge and they serve Khmer food, western, and thai menu. The food is nice especially the FRUITS! haha While eating we watched Apsara dance, a traditional dance in Cambodia. Grateful experience to watch this classical Khmer culture. ~feelings~  haha
After dinner, we frolicked around our place and rode a tuk tuk.
My Husband is my model <3 
attack! :))
 eggs with a twist!
 fish in soya sauce
 adobo ala cambodian haha
my first plate! I ate vegetables first! naks! :D
No photos for 2nd and 3rd plate! Why? HUNGRY MAH! haha  I love Khmer food! They don't have pork. They always serve vegetables and fruits. Kaya pag uwi namin ang kikinis ng face namin! haha :D
 arriving early is equal to close spot to the stage haha
 Apsara dance
 Theatrical Folk dance
 Full moon night market is just across our hotel
 We bought our travel souvenir shirt here and Cambodia has the most comfy pants I've ever wore! #meganon I will post my travel souvenirs, soon!
 pigs and elephants
 Khmer people has a stand up comedian, too! We also laughed even if we didn't understand what they talking to, we just laughed because their laughter is contagious. :))
 bags made from elephant brand cement
 Apsara figurines and buddhas
 me: kuhanan mo yung word na "Cambodia" sa likod
Husband: hahahaha
 Tuk tuk
 We bought Angkor beer here but forgot to drink it. haha
If Singapore has Lucky plaza then Cambodia has Lucky mall. 

Finally my DAY 1 Cambodia is done! haha Day 2 is next! :D

Cambodia Day 1:

We love Cambodia,


  1. Buti ka pa you're adventurous with food. Ako naghahanap ng adobo. Haha.
    I think I wanna try shopping there. Mura daw jan e.

    1. then cook! haha try adobo with calamansi. i'll try to post my recipe haha actually my mom's recipe. hmmm if mag shopping ka in Cambodia may mga mahal may mga mura din. i love their pants, ang lalambot! <3

  2. Cambodia looks great. Maswerte ka na nakakapagtravel ka,thats my dream,ang maglibot at kumain ng mga bagong pagkain:)

    1. you can travel, too! it's a matter of prioritization. :)