Cambodia 2014: Artisans Angkor

August 10, 2014. Cambodia Adventure with My husband, Marvin! <3 Day 1: We went to Artisans d'Angkor a handicraft center for the wood and stone carving. This is a good place to learn about the secrets of stone and wood carving, lacquering, silver plating, and silk painting.

visitor pass souvenir photo! :))
hardworking ate!
I thought this was the A B C D hand signs 
A B C D HAND signs! I still know how to do it.
Look closely! From step 1 to step 5
Polychrome process starts with carving of a piece of rubber tree wood. 7 layers of plastering are necessary to smooth the wood surface and give it a velvety look. When necessary, artisans engrave the piece to make the embossed patterns look more visible.
Several layers of colors are applied on the statue. Copper leaves are meticulously applied on the painted statue. After gilding, a patina layer is applied to make  the item look like an ancient piece. #amazing
wood carving
silver plating
Example of sandstone. In 2009, Artisans Angkor was entrusted with the reproduction and installation of 12 heads of Devas and Asuras which are now on-site.  (Angkor Thom south gate)
baby elephant in the making
imagine if we change job for a day hihi hindi ko kaya! kudos to all of you! :D
my husband is on a serious business mode :))
i thought it's simba hihi
washing and cleaning area
according to our guide, elephant is a lucky charm for Khmer people.
photo bomber water bottle!
smiling buddha uhhhm okay I smile, too! :))
Guide how to make Buddhas
 Photo bomber husband :)) 
not yet finished but look at them still nice!
hardworking kuya!
 Artisans gadgets!

Local crafts in Cambodia

Thank you to our guide who took this kahit putol ang Artisan Angkor sign haha 
Thank you, Artisans, we learned a lot from you! :)
Next post is our 2nd stop.