Cambodia 2014: Angkor Wat

angkor wat siem reap cambodia
August 11, 2014. Day 2 of our Cambodia adventure. After our buffet breakfast at 8:00 am our guide fetched us in our hotel. I'll post the buffet breakfast separately. :))
Post for today is all about Grand Angkor Wat Temple-  7th "wonders of the world" It is also a UNESCO World heritage site. And the heart and soul of Cambodia. We explored the beautiful bas-reliefs and devotion etched in stone. No words to describe it's BEAUTY! A must in your travel bucket list! <3
Tips at the end of post. :D

Good morning face from us! :D We own our service van! haha
This is our guide, his name is Mr. Huot, he is the best guide so far and knows everything about Cambodia.
some street shot in Cambodia

 Before entering the temple, you must pay 20$ for a 1 day tour and smile for your Angkor wat identification card. haha
smiling husband :)
tada! our angkor pass! Look we have the same photobomber! :))
Policeman uniform in Cambodia
Siem Reap river
angkor wat siem reap cambodia
angkor wat siem reap cambodia
Entrance of Angkor Wat
angkor wat siem reap cambodia
 the hole is inviting! :))

angkor wat siem reap cambodia
flowers on top
a long and winding road
so hinintay muna namin si kuya maka alis bago kami makapag litrato! :))
Thank you to our guide who is good in taking photographs. :D

Monks library

Our guide toured us at the back of the temple so that we can explore the hidden treasure of Angkor wat. :)
i hate my pose here  HAHA :)) anyway i love my husband's smile and our background! :D

Unesco staff rest house
Monks cemetery
angkor wat siem reap cambodia
Angkor wat is incredible human achievement!!!

angkor wat siem reap cambodia

insert quote here "TRAVEL WHILE YOU'RE YOUNG" haha because you have to CLIMB up to the towers! :))
i'm on top of the world :D

Khmer handwriting

going down is like this :))
with the Apsara dancers take 1
take 2
take 3! 3 photos for 2 USD haha

*Eat HEAVY breakfast 
*Guidebook or maps (I have my Cambodia Lonely Planet with me all the time haha)
*Bring bottled water (good thing our guide has bottled water for us :D )
*Bring hat and sunglasses
*Wear sunscreen
*Bring hanky
*wear comfy shoes 
*IMPORTANT OUTFIT: Wear pants or long skirts! NO sleeveless and shorts

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