Cambodia 2014: Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom
August 11, 2014. Day 2. After Grand Angkor Wat Temple we headed to Angkor Thom - the last great capital of the Khmer empire conceals a wealth of temples and its epic proportions would have inspired and terrified in equal measure.- Lonely Planet 
Just as awesome as Angkor Wat. Angkor thom is a huge place with lots of temples. Temples inside are: Bayon; Baphuon; The Royal enclosure- Phimeanakas; Terrace of the elephants; Terrace of the leper king; Thommanon; Chau Say Tevoda; Takeo; Ta Prohm
My post today is all about Bayon and Ta Prohm. 

greens <3
Mr. And Mrs. Nipal. Our guide looking at my husband. :))Tuktuk in Cambodia.
Welcome to South Gate of Angkor Thom! UGH the car! =/ :))

 Tomb raider moment: this is where angelina jolie saw the butterfly! :D
YES I look like a boy here! :))

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 Welcome to TA PROHM
 Tomb raider moment again
hi auntie with madam hat!
guTOM raider

praying monk

our guide said the trees kept on growing that's why they had to cut the trees.
massive roots!
my husband busy with his panoramic shots :D

vajayjay root! :))
hammock root that can carry 10 people! #amazing :D
Tips same as Angkor Wat

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