Indonesia II

June 22, 2014. Part 2 of our Batam, Indonesia trip. My Indonesia visual diary: Indonesia Visual Diary 
We went to Harbour front centre @ 8:00 am. Departed by high speed ferry to Batam @ 9:00 am. The journey took 45 minutes by sea.
Tips at the end of my post. :D

 RELFIES: Relationship selfies haha

 Blue Bayou
 The ferry was cold and I wish I brought a jacket lol.

 upon arrival @ batam center international ferry terminal, after immigration, custom clearance, you will be greeted by the tour guide and escorted to an awaiting air-conditioned bus.

 Our first stop is Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store which were made in Jakarta and cheaper than in Singapore.
 mirror relfies
me: 700 lang pala polo
husband: oo nga
cashier: your total is 2 million....
us: wut?! 700 is 700 thousand pala :))
 take note: the price is a bit confusing. 1 polo shirt is equal to 700k :))
Indonesia time is GMT +7 hours
2nd stop: Chocolate house. More than 100 varieties of chocolate to suit your every mood! We love the free taste! :))

 do you have 20/20 vision? just right click to zoom in the photo.

 everything is nice!

 our third stop is the iconic Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple, which is South East Asia's biggest Buddhist temple.
 Fourth stop, Bengkong dry market. Dried food stuff in wholesale prices. I love the Kerupuk Sotong.
Kopi Luwak- Indonesian coffee collected from the droppings of a wild cat-like animal called the Luwak  (photo above). Appearing on Oprah and The bucket List movie were Morgan Freeman asked Jack Nicholson "is that stuff about the coffee for real?"   haha
Fifth stop, Pondok Wisata Cultural show. You will be entertained by local villagers with their traditional trance dance, peeling coconut using their mouth, eating fire balls, eating glass, and jumping through the fire ring. I'll upload the video soon! :))

 Time for our SEAFOOD LUNCH!

 seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 555 Seafood Kelong restaurant.

 gong-gong, chili crabs? I forgot the name! :)) AND our favorite kailan vegetables in scrummy sauce!
 tofu soup with gong- gong
 deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce- YUM!
 Fried Calamari!
 a different kind of prawn!
 I ordered Coke but they gave me King Cola! :))
 We don't know how much we ate because it's included in our travel package! #amazing
 they serve fresh seafood!!!!

 One of the best seafood restaurant in Indonesia! <3

 After lunch we headed to Indonesia Miniature Park. The park is a synopsis of Indonesian culture and daily life  in Indonesia's  32 provinces.

My lucky animal: Pony!
Next is Go-kart Circuit Centre which was officially opened on June 1, 2009 with 395 meters of length. The track feature 9 turns and 6 straights with access speed of more than 50 kmph.

Next: Golden Factory outlet. Outlet store for Superdry tees and A&Fitch etc...

 K2 kampung Oleh-oleh. Oleh-oleh is an Indonesian word means a gift or present to someone. That's our tour guide, Meina, busy with our Lapis orders.
 I bought one magnet! hihi
BATIK- the traditional fabric of Indonesia
And lastly drop off at Batam City Square were we had our cocol (cofee coffee lang).
really superb! promise! :))
Kfc? NO! It's BFC-BEST FRIED CHICKEN! hahahaha

 Transportation at Batam, Indonesia are cabs and motorcycles. LOOK! Very scary to cross the street! haha
And before we go back to Singapore, we ordered Kueh Lapis (layered cake) Kueh (possible spelling variation: kuih, kway, kue) Lapis, also known as 'kek lapis', 'kueh lapis legit', 'spek koek', 'spekkuk', is a traditional Indonesian layered spice cake. We chose the prune flavor! So yum!
We are happy to explore, BATAM, INDONESIA! :D
1. Bring bottled water because Indonesia has a warm weather.
2. I think it's safe to say you need $150 SGD for your pocket money.
3. Always bring your bag!
4. Batam terminal fee of $8/pax
5. Batam guide and driver tipping: $2/pax/day

Our travel package include of:
  • return ferry ticket(SIN/BTH/SIN)
  • 1 day city Batam tour
  • 1 seafood lunch
  • air-conditioned bus
  • English/Mandarin Speaking guide
  • Adult ticket: 30/pax 
I'll upload the video soon! :))

It's a BIG WORLD out there