Trick Eye Museum

June 29, 2014. Trick eye is derived from the french compound word- trompe-l'oeil meaning trick of the eye.
Double sundate adventure with Cathy and Raymund @ Trick Eye Museum.
 Trick eye Museum is a fun tourist attraction in South Korea which finally opened it first overseas outlet @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore last June 8, 2014. It has 2d/3d paintings and art installations tricks that will look awesome to the naked eye or the lens of your camera. We really had a good time at the museum! haha :D It will really evoke the actor/actress within you!! :D I already posted some of our photos on my Facebook account and I will post my favorites here! Bear with me we took 400+ photos! :)) So ENJOY! Will put some tagalog description on our photos because mas nakakatawa pag tagalog! :)) ~Tips at the end of my post!!!!~

 My parents and my husband! haha
 i have a big head like Garfield!
 aba di hamak na mas malaki ang pwet ko sa kanya! :))
 hay nakakaloka naman magka anak! haha
 okay let's jump!
 beware at ghost gentleman! you will smell something! haha :))
 The giants!
 one of my fave! :))
 ano lalaban ka na?!?!
 thank you for carrying me, dear elephant!
 i should've look at the snake! :)) but this one is my fave, too!
 this T-rex loves me so much!
 masarap ito! -T-rex
 weeeee swim with the killer whale! :))
 another favourite! :))
 first time to sky dive! haha
 perfect balance!
 woot payat ng legs ko!

 ang saya saya! hahaha
 balance fail! :))
 favourite again! haha
 pa-cute! my favourite colour is colourful! :D
 ayos ba!
 pacifier please!
 starry starry night~
 i'm smaller than you, tinkerbell!
 wiwi na!
 jusko patawarin!
 ang gandang anghel! :))
 girl you're my angel, you're my darling babehh! :
 weeeee sarap! hahaha
 mikee cojuangco!
 hey!!!! look! i'm with the dolphins! :))
 oha oha!
 lakas tao!
 lisa macuja!
 no panty! sorry!
 the guy is so lucky! haha
 NOOOOO madami pa kaming bucket list, mr. piranha! hahaha
 taray mo teh! :))
 haha best actor and actress!!
 love this! <3
 thanks, mama!
mga lakwatsero't lakwatsera kayo!- sabi ng aming future anak
1. Go there before lunch time!!!!!! Around 10 to 11 am is the best time! TRUST ME!
2. Bring a camera. Any camera will do because there is good lighting inside the museum.
3. Dress comfortably. Wear shorts!!! Again, TRUST ME! haha
4. Have fun! Just be yourself and don't be shy to be an actor/actress for a day! hahahaha
Trick Eye Museum is located in Resorts World Sentosa near Malaysian Food street. Here's the map from RWS:

Tickets are only available for purchase on-site at the Trick Eye Museum Ticketing Booth. 

Ticket: Adult $25
Child: $20