Hunting for the Best Carry-On Luggage/Backpack

While preparing for our Cambodia tour, my husband and I realized that we do not have a carry-on luggage to bring with us on our trip, so we searched the internet for the best carry-on luggage or backpack for travel and adventure.

Eventually we came to like the Patagonia Transport M.L.C 45L M.L.C. stands for "Maximum Legal Carry-on". The bag has the following dimensions of 22 x 16 x 9 and weighs 3 lbs 2 oz. Patagonia made a really good video explaining the specifications of the bag so I'm embedding it below to save me from explaining :D

We decided to look for the bag here in Singapore as it might take a long time to arrive if we ordered online (Patagonia ships to SG). We found the bag at Outdoor Life (Wheelock Place) and it costs about $280 SGD (GST Included). Outdoor Life also has some stocks of the Patagonia MLC Wheelie which costs around $400+ SGD.

We were about to buy it but then my husband suggested we still look around for other bags that are available here in SG just for comparison (feature and budget wise). We went to the shop "The Planet Traveller" in ION mall to see what bags they might have in offer. From this shop we found the Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Travel Backpack. The bag's dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9.1 and it weighs 3 lbs 7 oz. Just perfect for a carry-on backpack.

At $359 SGD (GST Included) it is much more expensive than the Patagonia, however, it does come with the following anti-theft features (descriptions taken from Pacsafe bag insert):

1. eXomesh® slashguards - The bag has built-in stainless steel wire mesh panels which help deter against opportunistic theft and prevent items falling out if your luggage is damage in transit.

2. Puncture resistant ToughZip™ - The puncture resistant ToughZip™ helps prevent pilfering and forced entry into your gear with a ballpoint pen or similar sharp object. It also prevents contraband substances from being put in without you knowing.

3. Interlocking zip pullers - Zipper pullers interconnect and interlock making it hard for pickpockets to unzip your bag without you knowing.

4. Roobar™ anti-theft anchor lock - Roobar™ allows multiple compartments to be locked with a single padlock.

5. Stainless steel locking cable - The detachable locking cable lets you lock your bag to a secure fixture to prevent thieves from running off with your bag.

Additionally, the shoulder straps and waist belt can be stowed away for protection during transit.

In the end we choose the Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Travel Backpack even though it was more expensive. We justified the price difference by looking at the anti-theft features. We were particularly sold by the puncture resistant ToughZip™ so even if we were to check-in the bag we can still be somewhat reassured that it was safe.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Travel Backpack
Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Travel Backpack

Tip:  If you are planning to buy a bag or other travel accessories, checkout The Planet Traveller's branch in Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Departure Check-in Hall). They don't charge GST on that branch :)