A Surprise Baby Shower

July 18, 2015.  A Japanese-themed organized by my sweet and loving friends here in Singapore. <3 I feel so loved and blessed to have you in my life. All I did was sit, eat, play, laugh, take pictures and stare with my awesome baby shower gifts haha I love you all! ♥ And special mention to our friend and host, Kat (KKK), you played the perfect host! Thank you so much for the AWESOME and HAPPY baby shower! ♥ And to my friends who came, thank you for making it to the baby shower despite your busy schedules. It means a lot to me. *tears of joy*

 DIY bunting with It's A Girl Japanese font and Kirigami Sakura from KKK and Jaren. <3

Karrie is ready to pop giveaways from our friend, KKK. <3

 Origami Sakura from our friend KKK. I LOVE IT!!! <3 Food & drinks from our friend, Marby. <3

 Koko Sakura customized cupcakes from our friend, Jaren. <3

 Brownies and ice cream from our friend, Melai. <3
 PIZZA from the Husband <3
1st game while eating: Guessing game were everyone must guess the celebrity mother stick on their back. :D

2nd game: guess that missing nursery song. :D
 The winner!! :D 

 3rd game: Strongest tissue diaper :D

 4th game: pee in the jar

 Parents to be Q and A portion

 opening the presents and messages from friends

 This is our friend, KKK, our host and the master of my awesome baby shower. I love yew! <3
 iiyak na yan! =)))

I will never forget this amazing event in my life. I love you all! <3 

crying rainbows,
Karvin & Kokobear


  1. Hey, I know these people from Feast SG! :D
    Ang taray ng baby shower mo girl. Ang sarap ng food!

    1. Hi, Lux!!! thank you!!! :D ah talaga? small world! haha yes some of them are from Feast SG.