Stuff My Mom Taught Me Before She Died

November 12, 2014. Missing my Mama in heaven. It's been 1 year since she left us. Photo above is her last message to me before she died. She said sorry because I know she will leave us...soon. But I did not reply to her because I'm in the DENIAL stage that day. DABDA- The five stages of  coping with death. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.
I know I'm in the stage of acceptance but sometimes I JUST TERRIBLY MISS HER!!! I will never forget her face, her smile, and her voice.

Here are some stuff my Mama taught me before she died:

1. ALWAYS love your sisters, nephew, & niece. Love one another until your last breath. If someone needs help, you should be a team leader and work as a team.
2. Don't let other people bully you! But sometimes those "other people" are your acquaintances and relatives. Stay away from those people.
3. Remember to keep in touch with the people who genuinely loves you.
4. Stay happy, jolly and sometimes weird as you are.
5. Pray hard, it works!
6. Be nice. But don't be too nice to people especially "those other people" from #2. They will always take you for granted.
7. Do what you love and don't mind what others think of you. As long as you don't hurt anybody else.
8. Love yourself and get the best health insurance.
9. If you want to do something whether it's a hobby, goal, or bucket list. DO IT NOW!
10. Appreciate everything you have.
11. Love your husband as you love yourself. REMEMBER no infidelity.
12. Learn how to cook good food.
13. Soak your hoarded ukay-ukay (flea) clothes in hot water before you wash it.
14. Treasure people who are happy seeing you happy.
15.  Life is short just do what makes you happy. 

I will never forget these, Mama.

Photo below: some of her messages before she died. I love you so much too, MAMA! <3

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