Hello, December!

December 1, 2013. Welcoming December 2013 at Orchard with My husband. <3

Paragon christmas tree (gold, rose gold, bronze) and Knightsbridge mall christmas tree (blue, silver, gray, misty blue)

 Mirror selfies from abercrombie & fitch store. Lotsof people going crazy about their buff models. EXCEPT ME! :)) me no likey buff/muscle body, lah!  I'd rather hug this rainbow smeg fridge. <3

PINK SMEG! Our future fridge! <3 Rainbow smeg is cute, too! But PINK WINS! :))

heehee i love! Pink Pantone mug! Christmas wish list! :)) I think it's 19 or 17$.

insert outfit of the day: jumper- thrifted, yellow japanese paul frank- paul frank, transparent jelly sandals- Rubi

 free photo kiosk @ orchard central! look at lolo yumo #yolo 

oh diba! :))

who said nothing in life is free?!?! there's a free popcorn, too! 


last! :)) Because my husband said I am his ~forever model~  ♥ ☆ ♥

Happy December,