Fun At Clark Quay

November 30, 2013. Went to Clark Quay to meet Marian, our cousin from Dubai; dinner at bak kut teh; stroll around clark quay river with my husband. <3

Christmas tree with choo choo train outside The Central mall.

 Giant Christmas tree inside the Central mall. I am collecting Christmas tree photos 2013. :D

me wearing puruntong shorts. parang ang laki ko tuloy =)))

again.. with star!

Cousin Marian (blue green) with her friend, Ana.

our turn with teddy! THIS IS A FREE PHOTO KIOSK! SO GRAB IT YO! :))

With Marian. The Teddy smells good FYI

Dinner! Songfa Bak kut teh! my fave: pig stomach soup =p~

chestnut water

close-up of my pig stomach soup. yummerz!

 free ballet show

we don't know him but he sang a good song.

candid beautiful strangers at SB. Starbucks. :))

WE MISS STARBUCKS! Peppermint mocha for him and Mocha frappe for me. :D

Clark quay at night.

the joy of seeing Christmas mascots! :D


The tallest santa claus hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho

with snowman and toy soldiers

childlike glee~ :D

Candy cane is so fast! hahaha 
Meet and greet Jolly Christmas Characters
Date: 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 & 24 December 2013
Time: 8pm to 10 pm
Venue: Around Clark Quay

Saturday night with my loving husband. <3