Milk Tea Grey Hair Color


Haha, yes, I edited my photo here! No pores right? 🤣

Hey, so last night was a chill night for me because I decided to hit up #1 Salon. You know, they used to have a branch in Ang Mo Kio, but they recently moved shop to Toa Payoh. And guess what? My awesome hair colourist got transferred too! Of course, being the loyalist that I am, I followed him without a second thought. Gotta stick with the best, right? 🙌🏼

Here's the cool thing about #1 Salon: they keep it real when it comes to hair colour. They won't sugarcoat anything. They'll straight up tell you what's gonna happen to that beautiful shade when it starts to fade. No false promises or unrealistic expectations here, unlike those other salons that just go, "Yeah, yeah, we can totally achieve that color," but end up giving you something completely different. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Let me tell you, I'm head over heels for my "signature color" at #1 Salon. It's this rad milk tea grey that suits me to a T. 😁 And you know what? William, my hair colorist, never disappoints. He's got mad skills and pays attention to every little detail, making sure my hair looks on point every time. 🩶 

To wrap it up, my visit to #1 Salon last night was pure awesomeness. Even with their move to Toa Payoh, my loyalty to the salon and William remains unshakable. They keep it honest and real, and that's why they're my go-to. Big shout-out to William and the whole crew. You guys rock! 💇🏻‍♀️

You can visit them here: Salon #1