May 6, 2014. Went to Legoland, Malaysia for advance birthday celebration of my loving husband, Marvin. <3 LEGOLAND-  for the young and young at heart! :)) <3 Another tick off the bucket list! :D
The popular sign and Legoland Hotel!
with Muchie! My Husband's inaanak.
With our dear friend, Doc Ingrid!
 Our tour guide said that we should eat first before entering Legoland because food is definitely more expensive inside the theme park. :))
 We walk through Medini Mall and i forgot the name of the restaurant! (because I'm hungry!:))) This one is seafood soup~
 Tofu and egg!
 Bean sprouts with delicious sauce!
hmmm pork?! They were all good! =p~ I think this restaurant is in front of Burger King.
I forgot to buy this! RETRACTABLE PEN! :))
The beginning: Locker Rental. My husband reading the instructions about how to use the locker hihi
We were not allowed to drive! huhuhu =)) For kids only! haha But you can buy their Legoland license for 30RM.
LEGO @ CITY Lego Boat! <3
hihihi look we are so cute! :)) <3

Waiting for the Lego train!
LEGO TRAIN! chooo chooo!
@ Miniland Ang Kor Wat, Cambodia
CHURA KO! =)))
@ Miniland Thailand
@ Miniland Twin Tower
@ Lego Studios 4D! Watching Chima!
@ Observation Tower
 Our view at Observation Tower
 @ Imagination build and test
 @ Power Towers
 The Legal Wife Legoland edition!
 @ Musical Fountain
 @ Dino Island! Everyone is wet! =)) They have body dryer for 10RM.
 King & Queen
 @ The Dragon Castle

 Push ay PULL mo yan 'teh!

 My Dad, Einstein!

 With our dear friends, Doc Jing, Doc Rey, and Henyo Muchie! :D
 @ Lego Technic

 "Bro, iniwan ka ba nya?" :))

 Going to Legoland hotel
 Hotel's elevator

 My playmate, Muchie! :D
 Brick wall!
To complete our Legoland adventure we will definitely go back there and have a staycation at Legoland hotel and visit the waterpark! :D
 Tips and Note:
  • We booked our ticket at WTS Travel agency this travel agency is highly recommended!
  • Please check in 15 minutes before departure.
  • Passengers are to note that it is a free seating arrangement and that the return sector coach may not be the same as departure.
  • Passengers are to personally carry their belongings and luggage to and from customs and shall be responsible for their personal belongings.
  • PASSPORT must have a valid period of more than 6 months and necessary documents must be produced upon custom clearance.
  • Bring hat and sunglasses.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Bring extra shirt.
  • Bring sufficient water and snacks.
  • Prioritize your attractions in the morning.
  •  ENJOY! :D
Here's our video:
Everything is awesome,


  1. Hello.

    As for the dropping in the immigration by WTS bus, would they wait for us?

    Also, what are the customs requirements aside from passport? :)

    Thank you :)

    1. Yes the WTS bus will wait for you. For visa, we simply brought our passport. You may check this :)