Mia Wallace

diy mia wallace
November 1, 2013: I love costumes! :)) No Halloween party for us this November but it's okay coz we celebrated our friend's baby shower and I am one of the ~organizers~. NAKS! Will blog it soon. :)) So, here's my DIY homemade Halloween costume. Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction.
mia wallace costume
 You will need the ff:
White long sleeves
lip liner
brow make up (optional)
short straight hair with bangs wig. Mine is Sathura wig from Megamall, Philippines.
weaving cap from the Landmark, Ayala, Phil.
Put on the weaving cap

then start to color your face ala Mia

Then properly put on a wig

TADAAAA! Easy peasey Mia Wallace! Just use Pocky for the cig. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Here's the cocaine face Mia gif :))
mia wallace

Happy November,


  1. you look amazing! Especially your lips! In NZ where i live barely anyone celebrates Halloween and it pains me!
    xE - jazzlipsandtulips

    1. Hi, Eloise! Thank you for appreciating my ~Halloween costume~ hahaha aww you can celebrate Halloween in your bedroom with your friends. =)