Guiuan, Eastern Samar III

Day 2 (am) July 20, 2013. Part 3 of our Guiuan, Eastern Samar adventure. Photo above: Pagnamitan Bridge- the bridge connecting mainland Guiuan to Calicoan Island

 Road trip
 beautiful! Green green grass of home...

 The beach number 1! Tarambungan open white sand Beach! <3
 Selfies with the birthday girl~

 Karrie <3 Marvin

 crystal clear water! un-be-lievable! dahil nasa ilalim siya ng tulay!

 weeee the water is so fresh and clean!

 takot! :))

 group selfies!

 look at my feet!

looking for seashells

 My friend, Jaren, experimenting with her GoPro cam~

 And after the Pagnamitan bridge ~adventure~ our lunch is waiting for us! <3

 pork on stick


 spaghetti for the birthday girl

 inihaw na isda

 with Nanay and Tatay- the generous and loving parents of Jaren. <3 Thank you for everything! (food, shelter, life advice, and for the packed pasalubong: lots of danggit, homemade pineapple marmalade, homemade ampalaya cake, homemade chocolate cake, and herbacoal) wow thank you God for my sharp memory! :)) <3

 Fresh roses!

 Happy Birthday cake! :D

Imy, Guiuan!

Guiuan Subseries