The World of Flickr

October 16, 2013, opened my Flickr account to post my DIY sushi. Checked my Flickr Mails, too! And then wooowaaa a lot of flickr mails to read!!! Will post some of my favorites LOL  (some lang kasi baka LUMAKI ulo ko :)))) Posting these because I want to continue my 52 weeks again. :)) So wag na magtaas ng kilay kanya kanyang inspiration yan =))

Thank yew! :)) Please browse my 2008 photos to see how chubby I am before bahahaha
Thank you for these Flickr mails! <3 I got inspired again to continue my 52 weeks on Flickr. <3 
And before I end this post, I got an email from a writer! 
She wants to use my photos!  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ 

in the name of photography,
Karrie (゜▼゜*)