Sensitive Skin Problems?

October 8, 2013: Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy vibe~ :)) Yes! So happy every morning looking in the mirror without redness, dryness, and rashes on my face! See above picture, that's my face, ears, and neck before using Curel. My dermatologist in the Philippines told me to use Ezerra for my face, yes it helped me moisturize my face but I'm still not satisfied with the result. SO, Thank you Curel for making Eczema sufferers happy. :)

And this is me NOW! Do not be surprised! May taghiyawat pa din ako lol Lalo na pag magkakaroon. Haller hindi na ata maiwasan ang mga taghiyawat :)) #nofilter NAKS HAHAHAHA
Last September my husband and I went to Watsons in Compass point Sengkang to buy ear wax removal tool aka pantutuli. Commercial: hindi namin alam ano ingles ng pantutuli  or nakalimutan namin (palusot) so effort ang paghahanap namin ng PANTUTULI. =))) So we're racing, running, rushing, checking every corner of Watsons for EAR WAX REMOVAL =)) then we found this CUREL booth and we were shocked because of the word ~SENSITIVE~

So, my husband and I read the Curel pamphlet and the content was ah-mah-zing *in maarte voice*
Woman: why does my skin always become dry and itchy so easily?
Doctor: our skin contains ceramide, an essential ingredient that protects it from dryness. A lack of ceramide will cause skin to become sensitive and more vulnerable to external irritation.

And then I checked their facebook page and here's what I found:
Turn on: MADE IN JAPAN =))

 Boxes of Curel! Sometimes I hoard beautiful packages/boxes. Pero tinapon ko na ito. :)) Is that normal? =)) Remembered my Mama: 
Mama: hmm yung kwarto mo pwede na sa isang episode ng Hoarders Hoarders at TLC
Me: huh baket?
Mama: dami mo collection 

 Day time moisture face milk.

The scent is mild and doesn't leave me greasy. 。◕‿◕。

Night time Intensive moisture cream.

My husband is using it, too! (゜▼゜*)

To end this post, Q and A with the Doctor and some conversation with friends ages ago:

Woman: what happens when skin has insufficient ceramide?
Doctor: when there is a lack of ceramide in skin, it becomes irritated and dry, and allows external irritants to enter easily.
Friend 1 and friend 2: bye! see you again! *beso/ cheeks to cheeks*
me: *beso/ cheeks to cheeks*
Friend 1: ay bakit ang gaspang ng fez? kay friend 2 ang smooth. *serious LOL*
Friend 2: grabe ka naman friend 1
Me: o siya wala ng taxi sige na! sheda ka! *huhuhu i have a rough face* =)))

Curel SG available in Watsons and Guardian.

booohoo I need to practice how to smile in different ways. Iisa lang smile ko. =)))