Nexus 7 Portenzo Bookcase

     After I got my Nexus 7 3g, I wanted to have a case that is good looking and offers good protection. I searched everywhere in Singapore for a good case but I couldn't find any that suits my taste. So I tried searching online for some good cases then I saw someone post a review of their Portenzo Bookcase, I was smitten :D Searched for some more reviews and every time it was positive. Finally went to check their website and decided to customize and order my bookcase (I wanted the Alano but it was a bit expensive hehe maybe next time :p )

    Production time when I ordered was 14 (working) days (excluding shipping time), quite long but it's worth the wait :) Choose the Nexus 7 + 3g as the device even if you have a Nexus 7 WiFi. It will have the necessary microphone holes for both versions. So you can still use the case even if you have upgraded your Nexus 7 WiFi to 3g. I have availed of the IntelliStand as an added option. It works really well and I recommend for you to also get this option added. It has an automatic sleep/wake function  included by default (no charge)

   The casing looks really beautiful, you can feel the smoothness of the wood. Your Nexus 7 will look like a moleskin notebook hehe. And of course it's well protected. When you close the cover it sits on the case frame and not on the device. It has transparent rubber corners to hold your Nexus 7 in place. The sound is not muffled thanks to the sound chamber. It's one nicely built case and it also smells nice lol (maple wood). You can check out some of the reviews in YouTube to have a better look at the case.

   If you are going to order one, here is a Portenzo coupon code you can use: MARVIN451245