Picplz 2011

Picplz iPhone app photos 2011. Because Picplz will shut down permanently on July 3, 2012. Most of my Picplz photos are pictures of food anyway, so this app is great! Bye, Picplz!
Philippines 2011 Picplz
1. King's breakfast. I love pancakes forever! 2. Caramel tarts and Napoleons  Bacolod from bffle.
3. Office lunch: Mongo 4. Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa. 5. My sweastshirt. 6. Isaw mami of Jonas.
7. Tahong. 8. Shaker Fries.
1. Dinakdakan of Gerry's Grill. 2. Mc Nuggets meal. 3. Mc Nuggets again. 4. Tahong again.
5. Emergency rainy day havaianas to the rescue. 6. Tender Juicy hotdogs. 7. Batchoy.
8. Giniling with egg. 9. Cheese sticks with shrimps. 10. Pork longanisa garlic flavor from Tuguegarao.
1. Pancakes and hash brown. 2. Sinigang and Kitaro. 3. Mocha cake and coffee. 4. Pancakes AGAIN.
5. Ukay'ed boots. 6. Chicken ass. 7. Ambers palabok and pichi-pichi. 8. Ginisang tahong and monggo.
9.School shoes vibe. 10. Fried tilapia and talbos with bagoong.

1. Kinilaw na tuna with mangga. 2. Totong 3. Crispy sisig @ Giligan's Island 4. Bacon and Egg @ Burger King NLEX Shell station. 5. Miswa with patola. 6. Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa with sugpo. 7. Window cathedral from Goldilocks. 8. Funny Funny @ Jupiter, Makati. 9. Tinolang manok, 10. My last day at the URC office.

Singapore 2011 Picplz
With <3. Waiting for boarding to Singapore.
Yes! 2011 was my first plank! Eww! =)) @ NAIA Centennial T2 Gate N04
ALL PINK! :)) With <3.
Good morning, Singapore!
Brunch at Uno Beef House @ Toa Payoh, SG
Corned beef
Breakfast with <3! :x
7:11 pm in Singapore and still cloudy. <3
My fave: Pig stomach soup @ Bak Kut Teh
Fireworks @ Skybridge at Pinaccle Duxton
Koko crunch forevs~
Dinner with My <3 @ Marche the original swiss market restaurant. (◕‿◕✿)
Tuna with egg for our breakfast.
Leftover buttered prawns and dumplings for lunch. =p~
My appetizer @ Swensens Ion Orchard (◕‿◕✿)
Midnight snack
Roasted pepper chicken!
Singapore- CAT country! His name is BATCHOY! =))
TOTO- lottery in Singapore
I love this iPad2 app- World of Goo
I love Singapore's washing machine! =)) Wash, ~RINSE~, and spin! (Ayoko kasi ng nagbabanlaw) lolwut
I miss this! Trampoline! heehee
Rainy days
2 soya bean milk just for me! My knows me best!。◕‿◕。 heehee @ Le Chasseur
Excited for H&M 2011 opening.
Snacks @ Din Tai Fung @ Marina Bay link mall. =p~
Midnight snack
My OneStep Polaroid! My ♥ is the sweetest! :x
Just for me! =p! Pasalubong ni
My ♥ cooks for me! He is the best chef! :x Adobo with liver sauce is the bestest adobo in my life!
Blueberrylace cake just for me! Coz I'm craving for cake! Thank you, My ♥!
Good morning smiles (✿◠‿◠)
I love balls!!!! Fishball kway teow noodle soup @ EAT, Ion mall
Off to work with cute Bambi. (akala ko rest day yun pala hindi) Yes I worked in Singapore last year which made me happy and CRY the most. I will not elaborate here cos I call my blog a "POSITIVE blog" Naks.
2011- iOS5
Our fave! Katipunan's longganisa + vinegar with pepper =p~
Singapore weather is bipolar sometimes. But I love it!
My <3 knows how to cook sinigang na hipon! =p! So delish!
Singapore's a quiet country! <3
Off to work with happy ring.
My friend, Imee. =))
My fave coffee: Old town white coffee 3 in 1
This is the original caption of the photo: Nattrafic lang dito sa SG pag red traffic light. kekeke
I'm the tourist guide of my Mom!
My ♥'s office is so clazzy!
Expired! ~can~
Leaves~ Dahon~
My friends in Singapore. <3
2011- Ramona Revilla news
My love of my life! (✿ ♥‿♥)



  1. <3 lovely karrie. i love keeping up with you via blogging. i especially loved the funny picture of you lying down at the airport, waiting. it's fantastic!
    have a nice weekend dear! :) xx

  2. @Beth, Aww thanks, Love! <3 I'm happy you're back on Blogger! xx