Hotel H20

February 16, 2012, stayed at Hotel H20, Manila and spent the day with <3 frolicking at Manila Ocean Park. *hearts and Teddy bears*
<3 and I love this Hotel so much! Why? Look at these photos! :D

 Dinner table and chairs
 Ultra-wide LCD TV with cable
 The BIG aquarium with marine fish species
 Sofa bed
 Our bed! oh hey, Rilakkuma~
 Laptop table
Hotel stuff
 Coffee/ snack table YAY for Lays!
 Vanity table
Wardrobe and Vault
 Toilet! Hmmm it looks and feel similar to MBS, SG :D
RAINFALL SHOWERHEAD! All caps because I had the best shower experience! The rain shower head gave a sensation of soothing rain. <3
 Hello, Rainbow Karrie! Documenting forever~ haha <3
 My ♥, reading a menu? lawlz

 I think ♥ is reading a book (The World's Best Luxury Hotels)

 Rainbow Brite! Obligatory outfit post! :))
 Where's the bell?
Jeepney driver!
 BEEEEP BEEEEEEP I hate people that walk slowly LOLJK Seriously, I hate people that walk slowly in front of you in shopping mall! ;)

 Droplets of rain
 Instagram-ing :)) Follow me: karriebear
 "may flash"
 "kunwari hindi ko alam"
 I love this one! Thanks, ♥!
 Because I love seafood! Hello, Lobster car!
My cover photo on Facebook. :D We Are Adventurers Baby ♥ 


 Snacks at Gerry's Grill

 We ordered SISIG! Blurred because we're HUNGREH! =))
 Good shot version of sisig.
 My fave: TAHONG (Mussels)
 View outside Gerry's grill!

 Deep thinking: the water is deep!

 Strange thoughts on my mind, jumping out over the ocean. :))


Now playing: Sea of Love by Cat Power
 *Come with me
My love
To the sea
The sea of love*
 boo no half-press! lol
 blurred is blurred thanks anyway, ate!
 It's been ages since my last drive in a bump car! lawlzz
 beep, beep, beep, beep yeah!
 Ocean at night

 His turn! Cutee! <3
Sakay na!
 Dalawa pa, dalawa pa!

 Dinner time! Lechon Kawali!
 Chicken feet!
 Smoochies & Ahaaa
Bubble gum lambanog is yummy! :)) Tumbanog!

 She & Him

 Lunch! Gerry's grill AGAIN :D
 Inihaw na pusit!
 Sisig AGAIN :D
This is a long post! Thank you for your time! <3

Sea Of Love,