January 2012 Goals

I know I'm late. It's the 3rd week of January and I am just now posting goals. Here are some of my January 2012 goals.

  • Complete the 9-day Misa De Gallo. My FIRST time to complete Misa De Gallo!
  • Haircut (because it's hot) & hair color (subject for approval) :))  I miss my green bangs last year!(That's my friend Imee from SG.)
  • Learn how to make awesome smoothies Blender Recipe. My sister's Christmas gift to me: 2 in 1 blender with miller. Mango shake is my forte lol 
  • Start 366 photography project for 2012. Thank you,  ♥ for the gift of PRO. <3 
  • Go to nearest FEDEX and ship some stuff. (may excited hihi)
  • 1st EXPLORED photo for 2012 http://www.flickr.com/photos/karrienodalo/6673465895/
  • Bake!
  • Learn Ukulele properly and don't give up.
  • Cook for my Mom. (I learned cooking from My Mother)
  • Sushi Making
  • Track Nutrition. ~Diet with My ♥ 2012~
  • Pursue my Nursing Career.
  • Try to post daily. HERE!
  • Do some fabulous projects, crafts, and POST some of my DIY. 
  • Make a LIST!
  • Finish 2011 blogpost.
  •  Finish organizing stuff.

  • Facetime My <3 every day! :x
  • Sing a song at the top of you lungs at least once a week. NIRVANA on MAGIC SING is the best! :))
  • FINISH cleaning my room.
  • FILL my cute notebooks. Yes kailangan may CUTE!
  • Visit my Grandma and Granpa (Father's side)
  • Quit Smoking!
  • Stop playing NYAN CAT! loljk I love NYAN CAT <3
  • Visit cemetery. I miss my Grandma. (Mother's side) <3 Thank you for her lovely   and vintage clothes! <3
  • Write a handwritten love letter.
  • AND you, what's your monthly goal?

♥ & roses,


  1. Eto sakin! Hehehe. Gusto ko din kasing detailed ng sayo :D


  2. Thanks, Potch! Okee, will visit your blog NOW! hahaha

  3. Cheers to a great 2012 <3

    xx Bernadeth G. from http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/

  4. Ooh, your green bangs are fun! I'm thinking of dip-dying my hair this summer.

  5. my monthly goal is to get as many people as i can to enter my giveaway, so help me!!! lol

    it's open to readers around the world!!