After 4 Years

Yes, I'm posting again! :)) These photos were taken last July 26, 2011, 8:48 pm at Just Acia, Marina Square. Say hello to my cousin, Ate Em. ( Ate- is used in tagalog for older sister/cousin)

After 4 years of not seeing each other, I forgot to take pictures of the food we ate. =)))
  •  we're camwhores
  •  we're close since "stationery days" HAHAHA
  •  we love UKAY-UKAY & thrift stores
  •  we love ~gadgets~
 @ MRT going to Khatib

Why so cute My <3?

Have you been working out lately?

 Her husband, Kuya Raf. :)


 I love you, Ate Em!

 A group picture before going home

 hmmm 7-11 is closed?????

 Midnight snack @ Mcdonald's with lovey dovey! :x


Mcdonald's Singapore- neat place for students to grab a mac and study.

Time to take a bath,
♥ Karrie