Things I Love Thursday: 4th TiLT :D

♥ Breads from Bread Talk: Kick kick and Rocky rocky Milk

♥ My Grandpops loves Rocky Rocky Milk (hindi daw masarap pero paubos na)

♥ Yakimix Japanese section

♥ Dads: Saisaki
♥ Red iced tea @ Sumosam, Rockwell

♥ Current favorites at Bread Talk: coffee ball, triple chocolate, 3 Cs custard cream cheese, rocky rocky milk and CREAM CHEEZE DANISH (the best!)

♥ I want these cakes for my BIRTHDAY! :D

♥ Wendy and her rubber pillow? HAHA

♥ Watermelon shake @ Dads

♥ Sea Urchin

♥ The Sandwich Guy: 2 thumbs up!

♥ Choco crinkles LOL my face

♥ Star pillow from Kamayan, West Ave.

♥ I just love Eisley!

♥ Doodle of  My <3 ,yeah, Iz me! :D

No Photos:
♥ Mom bought Koko Krunch just for me
♥ New pink luggage
♥ The voice of <3
♥ 3 P's: moving at Singapore- Preparing, Packing and Planning with <3! :x :D

Grateful & Lovely,
♥ Karrie


  1. nice pics, i want to eat sushi and sashi mi also huhu
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  2. Hey Amz, I can't comment on your blog. Hmmm pls. check your comment settings. Thank you. =)