Thursday, June 30, 2011


♥ My water proof bag from ukay-ukay!

♥ A bag of CHEETOS and coke

♥ I miss 3M Pizza!

♥ Nestle Cookie Crisp =p~

 ♥ After church, My Mom and I went to 7-11 to eat sundae

♥ For only 15 pesos! Bloody cheap!

 ♥ Month of JULY WOOHOOO

♥ I got my check from BACO FILIPINO! FINALLY! hahaha

 ♥ My Grandpops and cousin fighting over the remote. =))

 ♥ Kyuti kat's birthday

 ♥ Wendy's bulalo bones

 ♥ My ukay'ed boots! 100 pesos only. Bloody cheap!

♥ Paul Frank headphones + iTunes

♥ My friend, Kat, from SG surprised me!

♥ My <3 who always makes me happy EVERY DAY! :D
Always Grateful,
♥ Karrie


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