Things I Love Thursday ♥

♥ Tortang talong (Fried eggplant with egg)

♥ With my friends Mod and Kevs

♥ Tagaytay with friends, Kring, Mod and Kevs. Take note: iinom lang dapat kami somewhere kung saan kami dalahin ng kotse ni Mod, biglang nag crave nalang kami sa Bulalo. Voila! Letz go Tagaytay! :D

♥ Thrifted sweatshirt

♥ Transferring/organizing my gazillion of photos to HD. =)

♥ When someone pissed you off say: WEH =)))
♥ My emergency Jelly shoes

♥ Galunggong (Mackarel Scad)

♥ Pancakes and hashbrown foreva!

♥ Giggling in my Majolica Majorca compact face powder heehee

♥ LV coffee/tea tumbler. A gift from my female boss.

♥ My 1st time to eat DINAKDAKAN of Gerry's Grill. Try it! It's delicious! =p~

♥ Facetime with <3

♥ Shaker fries

♥ He always make me smile! =)

♥ Surprise from my love: BUNNY HAT


♥ Pork pastel of my Mum

♥ Facetime with <3 really makes me happy =)

♥ My sister visiting me at the office.

♥ Facial with petal rose mask @ Let's Face It
♥ lol @ the story =)) Thank you My Love
♥ Independence day! $ :D (no photo lol)

♥ Yay! see you next month, <3!

What do you love this week?

Grateful and Happy,
♥ Karrie