Kaos Girlz

The best easter egg for me by Alyanna!
Hello, late post! =)) Last April 27, 2011, my best friend Trin, Mika (Trin's sister) and I went to Resorts World Manila to watch Kaos.. KAOS WAS AMAZING! <3<3<3

My 2nd fave egg design

hehehe Angelica's egg is kinda funny.

I like Chuvaness collage

This is the best part: SMOKING AREA INSIDE THE HOTEL :D haha

Ooops beware! Bawal picturan ang word na "CASINO"

ooops sneak peak! =))) NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!

From left: Mika, Kaos, Trin and Me

So this is our best shot from Kaos tarp. lol

Mika, sister-in-law of Dingdong Dantes! haha

Waiting for Larry the car

Valet Parking! Naks! =))

Of course! SP!

Booze night after pigging out at Mcdonalds

Dapat hindi kami kakain kasi nakita namin si Katya Santos sa Republiq ang PAYAT! Pero MCDONALDS CHICKEN WINS! HAHAHAHA