Karriebear’s Diner: Grilled Salmon with Rosemary Leaves

October 18, 2015. Karriebear’s Diner presents: Grilled Salmon with Rosemary LeavesQuick lunch and dinner ideas!!!! 😀 Ingeredients:-salmon belly-rosemary leaves -pink himalayan salt or regular salt -pepper -happycall for grilling OR non-stick regular frying pan Heat the pan. Put the salmon belly and rub the salt, rosemary leaves, and pepper Wait for 5 minutes. Voila!!!   […]

Karriebear’s Diner: Tuna Sandwich

September 23, 2013: Made a Tuna Sandwich for our dinner. *blogging fom my iPhone again hihihi Here are the ingredients: ~ Kewpie Mayonnaise whiic is so delish. My friend, ate A, recommended this to me.  ~ of course tuna ~ red onions ~ pepper LOTSOF pepper ~ white bread ~ secret ingredient: Mrs. Dash like […]

Karriebear’s Diner: Carbonara Ala Karrie

   Carbonara Ala Karrie Ingredients 1 pack spiral pasta Nestle All Purpose Cream Knorr Cream of Mushroom soup 2 Tender Juicy Hotdogs or BACON strips 1 Tbsp. Butter (Daricreme Buttermilk) 1 teaspoon pepper  A pinch of salt 1 onion 4 cloves of garlic  Measuring cups~ Coz I’m OC! =))  White Sauce =p~ AL DENTE! Directions:Put […]