Canon Photomarathon XIV

November 19, 2016. Me and my friend Kat went to the 2016 Canon Photomarathon event. It was our 1st time to attend and experience the fun and adventure of the photomarathon. Here are some of my photos while thinking, walking/running, and shooting for my WINNING photo. HAHA   My entry theme #1: Vision 2nd photo entry: […]

Koko’s Diary Week 9-12

KOKO’S DIARYA VALUABLE TREASURE FOR LATER October 1, 2015. Just finished my bed bath routine here and having a conversation with my mother. <3 October 2, 2015. I will be a great conversationalist someday. haha! My favorite word is “agi” hihi October 3, 2015. My husband took this photo while we were sleeping. Koko loves […]

Karriebear’s Diner: Grilled Salmon with Rosemary Leaves

October 18, 2015. Karriebear’s Diner presents: Grilled Salmon with Rosemary LeavesQuick lunch and dinner ideas!!!! πŸ˜€ Ingeredients:-salmon belly-rosemary leaves -pink himalayan salt or regular salt -pepper -happycall for grilling OR non-stick regular frying pan Heat the pan. Put the salmon belly and rub the salt, rosemary leaves, and pepper Wait for 5 minutes. Voila!!!   […]

Koko’s Diary Week 5-8

                   KOKO’S DIARY                                                                     A VALUABLE TREASURE FOR LATER  Moments you want to remember forever <3  September 7, 2015. Daddy is changing my poopy diaper! ha! ha!  September 8, 2015. Mama Karriebear copies her Kokobear πŸ˜€  September 9, 2015. Again, a good morning smile to everyone! <3 September 10, 2015. It’s 8:00 pm and my […]