Happy 3rd Month, Kokobear!!!! (Hello Kitty Theme)

November 7, 2015. Koko’s 3rd month was November 6 but we celebrated it on the 7th because it’s Saturday. 😀 
Dear Bebe Koko,
Thank you for being a sweet, happy, and healthy baby. We love you so much!!! <3
And her third month theme was Hello Kitty 😀

 Cooked Filipino sweet style spaghetti with bratwurst sausage on it

 Her amazing Hello Kitty cake with cupcakes!!!!  😀

 It’s too cute to eat! ha! ha!

 coz she love the color gold!

~.~.~.~ Okay, photo op with the parents! haha!~.~.~.~
 Hi, I’m Koko Sakura, 3rd month old, happy baby.
 hey Daddy, you make me smile 🙂

 Koko: is it done? mama: not yet! smile first haha

 Mooom, you’re so funny! Here’s a dimple for you! <3

 I’ll smile for you every day, mom!
 yay finally done! I can now drink milk! huzzah!

close up of the cute cupcakes
happy 3rd my bebe,

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  1. Ang cute naman! Pati ng handang food. 😀

  2. thank you, tita Lux! thank you for always visiting here at camerakarrie hihi love: Kokobear <3

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